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Alarm Systems

alarm_systems_imgWe can assist you with all your alarm system requirements. Given the wide variety of alarm systems available and our experience with them, we can provide you with the right system for your needs.

We use mainly Australian made alarm systems, they tend to suit Australian conditions and telephone networks better than some imported products.

Alarm systems are your second line of defense against an intruder. If an intruder has gained entry to your business, the purpose of an alarm system is to provide notification to you, to enable a response, which may involve attendance of a security guard. If you are aware of your business being broken into, this obviously enables you to have your premises re-secured if required, and may mean less items of value are taken.

There are many options for monitoring of alarm systems, they can report via SMS messages, mobile phone, Security Monitoring via dialer, securitel, internet TCP/IP or by mobile phone networks.

If you have any questions, or would like to find our more, please contact our office.