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Door Closers

door_closersA properly fitted door closer will do the following:

  • For most of the closing action, will close the door at a smooth and constant rate.
  • For the last part of the closing action, speed up slightly to ensure the lock operates.
  • During winter and summer should not vary greatly in the speed that it operates.
  • Should open fully without damaging the wall adjacent to the door.
  • Should not place undue pressure on the hinges or door frame, causing them to fracture.
  • Should not scrape the top of the door or ceiling.
  • Should not cause the door to hit peoples ankles when they walk through the door.
  • A person should not have to use significant force to open the door.
  • Meet Australian Standards for disabled access when required.
  • Not cause an explosion if fitted to a fire door and a fire is burning around it.
  • Not fail early due to poor installation.
  • Not be fitted to the outside of a door where it can be stolen.
  • Slamming shut and leaking oil.
  • Blowing open on windy days letting leaves and dirt in.

If your door closers are doing any of the things they shouldn’t be doing, contact us and we will fix it for you.