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safes_imgThe sole purpose of a safe is to buy you time. In the lower price ranges, safes are one of two types, Fire Resistant or Theft Resistant. All too often we receive calls from people wanting to replace a safe, as their existing safe has been stolen. When we ask some more questions, the client discovers they have bought the wrong type of safe.

We can honestly say that the most expensive purchase is the wrong safe. Not only is the cost of the safe wasted, so too, the contents are lost.

If you are in the market for a safe, speak to J Knight & Co., we will advise you on what type will suit your requirements.

We have some floor stock for the more common requirements, but we can order in any type to meet your requirements.
We can even have safes custom built for specific applications. As custom safes are a consultative service, there are costs involved for the time we spend.

So if you would like to make an enquiry, give us a call. We know all there is to know about safes and in the rare event we don’t, we will find out for you.